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Job interviews couldn't be easier with the help from HR specialists and the job-seekers community to prepare for your future success.

I’m always impressed and take interest in well-prepared candidates who thoroughly understand what they want and answer every question with confidence in their job interviews.
Nguyen Khoa Hong Thanh - COO Isobal

Diversified Question Library

Diversified questions are displayed with user-friendly interface and classified into different categories including preparation, step-by-step instruction and tips to nail the job interviews.

Understand interview questions and know how to answer them properly help to optimize the the recruitment and selection process.
Huynh Thanh Minh - Supervisor, Executive Search Talentnet

Consult interview answers

Take a look at other users’ video-based interview answers reviewed by HR specialists to learn and improve your own answers.

Learning from well-reviewed answers helps you to know your weaknesses so that you can better your own answers.
Nguyen Le Ly Huong - HRBP Manulife Vietnam

Record your video answer

Record your answer and send us to get helpful advice from our prestigious HR experts. All of your videos provided will be kept confidential!

Evaluating the answers of users via their videos enables me to better observe and have a more comprehensive assessment in terms of voice, body language and the way they respond to the given questions.
Vanessa Nguyen - Business Manager

Get helpful tips and advice

Enhance your next performance by thoroughly reviewing the constructive feedbacks from the HR experts and other users.

It is very important to get to know your strengths and weaknesses in your job interview. The HR experts will help you find out what you need to improve to make sure that your answers are the most excellent ones.
Le Hoang Trong - CIO Isobal

Boost your confidence to win job interview

Get ready to deal with any tricks and traps from the recruiters and be able to answer the questions perfectly.

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Developed with dedication by HR experts

InterviewAPP is a knowledege sharing platform developed by dedicated HR experts with a view to share helpful information with the job-seekers to boost their confidence in job interviews and afford more great opportunities in their career path.

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